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    The Value of High Quality Business Phones in the Digital Age In an age of digital technology that allows anyone to connect from around the globe with the click of a mouse, some business owners wonder what value there is to be had in a high qualitybusiness phone system. Despite the rapid development of those technologies, though, a phone system still remains the backbone of the modern small or medium business. The value of connecting directly with someone over the phone, and having a number that can be shared with people Online cannot be overstated. So how do you ensure you have high quality business phones that meet the mobile, low-cost needs of your business? Here are some things to keep in mind and how the relative value of your new phone system will help. Accessibility and Globalization High quality business phones allow you to be more accessible than ever before. A VoIP phone system can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection while providing the fixed phone number that many people in the business world are accustomed to seeing. This allows you to put phone numbers on your website, business cards, and other marketing collateral without worrying about a missed connection or someone not having the technology needed to connect with you. At the same time, it opens up your options in communicating with people around the globe. The ability to integrate your existing systems makes access faster and less burdensome from a technical aspect, but allows you to reach people from anywhere you might be. Flexibility for Your Team At the same time, a good business phone system allows forwarding, auto attendant, and other features that make it easier for team members to travel without worrying about missed messages. With online or email access to voice mail, integration with your personal devices, and several automation tools to streamline the process of accessing and receiving communications from customers or clients, this is the best way to remain flexible in an increasingly mobile workforce. Reduce Costs for Several Scheduling Expenses With auto attendant technology, less time spent taking calls and answering questions, and a generally accessible system for your staff, you can reduce costs in several key areas with the right business phone system. For small businesses, this means team members won't have to play the role of receptionist, while medium businesses can consider doing away with their current expenses or re-purposing the role. The need for a central office space is reduced as well – it's easier to direct calls to mobile devices or take messages on your smart devices while out of the office. Choose the Best Phone System for Your Needs There are several options on the market today for small and medium sized businesses and it's easier than ever to find one that fits your needs. Be sure to do your research, however, and work to find a set of features that works with your current team and helps you get more done while reducing costs. That's the power of modern phone system technology. Top 10 Features of Business VoIP Phone Systems Business VoIP systems are a game changer for many small and medium sized businesses, opening new opportunities both structurally and in terms of growth. As technology has continued to advance, offering API options for app integration, auto-attendant features for automation, and 24/7 access to your system from anywhere in the world, so too have those benefits. Here are ten of the best features offered by business VoIP phone systems and how VoIP phone for business can benefit your operations: 1. Call Routing One of the most important features of business VoIP systems is that they allow for customized, full-scale call routing. This kind of feature will decentralize the office, allowing remote work, work from home, and access to work resources around the clock and from around the globe. 2. Voicemail to Email Transcription Voicemail recording, transcription, and online access makes it possible to be accessible 24/7, even when not near your phone or unable to answer. This also streamlines access to your voicemail with searchable transcripts in your inbox (along with MP3 recordings). 3. 24/7 Auto-attendant Auto attendant reduces your dependence on a receptionists, reduces costs, and allows your team to focus on what they do best, without having to take calls that aren't meant for them or answer questions that could be answered by an automated system. 4. Call Screening Options Going beyond simple caller ID, VoIP phone for business systems allow you to automate call screening, setting custom rules for certain callers, choosing whether to answer, send to voicemail or forward a given call or to screen out all unimportant calls automatically in certain situations. 5. Conferencing Features Digital conferencing features allow people to call in from their mobile devices, and give you greater control over management of those calls, with hands up features, muting capabilities, recording, and speaker management. 6. Hold Management Hold management allows you to set custom music for hold, manage the hold queue and how long someone is on before they speak to a member of your team, which messages play during or before hold, and much more. This is important for small businesses with high call volumes. 7. Productivity Apps and API Integration Modern business VoIP systems offer productivity apps that integrate with your other system, including CRM integration, ERP integration, and more. This allows for streamlining of your communications system as well as tools like click to call, huge time savers for marketing, sales, and finance departments. 8. Virtual Fax If you work in a fax-heavy industry such as healthcare or industrial, this is an important part of the process and virtual fax ensures you have quick access to the tools needed to get your documents where they need to go without relying on dated technology. 9. Call Recording and Training Tools Modern Business VoIP systems will also record calls, allowing you to save them for later reference, training purposes with account managers and sales teams, and more. This provides much greater insights into the quality and adherence to policy of your team and can serve valuable purposes if liability ever arises. 10. Calling Automation Because it integrates with your existing apps and has so many powerful digital components, business VoIP also offers calling automation and click to call features that are perfect for anyone who spends most of their day on the phone. The more calls you can get in for your sales team or account managers, the better the process. VoIP phone for business systems offer a number of clear benefits for small businesses, allowing them to compete with much larger companies on their existing budgets. These ten are just part of what makes the technology we are currently utilizing such an important part of the process.